Animation is Fun

PuppetShorts turns your iphone into a (tiny) animation studio.

It's Easy

PuppetShorts makes animating fun. It was developed specifically for creating character animation ... capturing nuanced character performances ... no matter how silly, serious, or superlative. For kids, PuppetShorts is the perfect tool to learn animation. At the same time, since PuppetShorts was designed by a professional animator, professionals will discover an intuitive new way to quickly create high-quality animation for any number of grown-up purposes. 

It's Fancy

Puppet Shorts uses our new patent-pending approach to animation: Multitrack Puppeteering. It's a pretty different way of thinking about animating, where animation is added one "track" at a time ... and captured in real time ... layer all of those tracks and you have Multitrack Puppeteering. With over a dozen animatable channels, from head-movement, to eyebrows, to blink, to emotion ... it's smart tech that makes animating refreshingly addictive.  


It's No Game!

Warning ... PuppetShorts is not a game. It's a seeeeeeerious tool for creating awesome animation quickly and easily. It sounds crazy, but PuppetShorts turns your phone or tablet into a tiny animation studio. Create original animations in the palm of your hand! The multitrack animation system is easy to learn, but it's also capable of capturing sophisticated performances ... so professional animators can push it to the limit.
So it's not a game ... but it's fun.



"People think animation is hard and tedious ... and they are right! 
PuppetShorts did something crazy, and made animation fun ... really fun."
Dylan Sisson | Pixar Animation Studios


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