Here's how it Works

Your step by step guide to using PuppetShorts.



Great animation requires a great voice actor ... you! To start, record an incredible line of dialogue with your phone ... or load up some pre-cut audio. This is the soundtrack for your movie! You'll also need a background for your animation ... so take a photo on location ... or load up your perfect image.  Choose a puppet that fits the part and you're all ready to animate.
Nice work ... go to step #2!


Step 2 = Animate

It's weirdly simple ... Here's the trick:  Every time you play back the audio, you can pick a track and record movement for another feature. First maybe play with where the head is looking ... build up changes of expression with the brows ... add some eye-blink.  Before you know it, everything about the puppet's poses and movement is reflecting the attitudes of the voice.  ... It's a masterpiece! When you're satisfied, go to step #3.


Step 3 = Share

Finally, export your animation into a movie file, and don't forget to put your name in the credits! You can share your movie on social media (or potentially comp it into an another project). Maybe your friends will want to see this!  Or, use the hashtag #PuppetShorts to broadcast your work to other animators like yourself.

Oh, Did We Mention It's Free?