^ Above here are screenshots from the PuppetShorts App.

Below are some other possibly useful images (studio, app, and puppet-pack logos):

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PuppetShorts makes the dark magic of character-animation accessible to all, using a brand-new approach: Multitrack Puppeteering.  Users capture a background photo using the iOS device’s camera and then record a short line of dialogue, which becomes the soundtrack to their movie.  Choose a puppet-character and start animating!  Lip sync is automated by default, but the user intuitively creates all of the other actions for the puppet’s torso, head and facial features by puppeteering one feature at a time.  A simple input region is uniquely retargeted to each of a dozen animatable channels on the puppet, from head-movement, to eyebrows, to blink, to emotion.  Quickly create short quirky movies and share them with your friends!

It's a pretty different way of thinking about animating, so if you're a bit confused, don't feel bad.  Maybe this video will help (All of the character animation in this video was created with the PuppetShorts App!): 


And here's a simple PuppetShort celebrating the release of the app:  (It was created and exported from the app in less than 10 minutes.)



PuppetShorts is the first creation of Fantoccini Studios.  Fantoccini Studios is 3 veteran Seattle-area game developers -- Matt Scott, Andrew Woods, and Andy Yoder -- doing their best to realize crazy ideas in their limited free-time.